The History Of The Legendary Harley Davidson Motorcycles

Harley Davidson is a well-known brand of motorcycles, and it all started back in 1901 when a young male by the name of William Harley crafted a blueprint of an engine that would fit onto a bicycle.

In 1903 the primary Harley Davidson motorcycles were offered to the public when William Harley and his friend Arthur Davidson produced one developed as a racing motorcycle. It was bought by among their youth school buddies, Henry Meyer. During this time, the Harley Davidson production plant was absolutely nothing more than an unrefined wood shed with the words “Harley Davidson Motor Business” scratched throughout the front door.

1905 was a crucial year for Harley Davidson, as they hired their first complete time employee and among their bikes won a race in Chicago, putting them on the map in a sense. Years and years go by, and the 1950’s discover Harley Davidson’s winning races, being included on magazine covers with Elvis Presley, and becoming a home name amongst race and motorbike enthusiasts all over.

In 1983 the Harley Owners Group was formed, and was described as H.O.G. It ended up being the largest motorcycle club in the world to be sponsored by a factory. In a simple 6 years, the club had actually grown to consist of more than 90,000 members. In 1987, Harley Davidson became listed on the New york city Stick Exchange, and owners everywhere understood exactly what a wise financial investment they had made!

More years pass, with Harley Davidson inventing new bikes on a regular basis, winning more races, and offering more bikes than any other manufacturer. In 2006, Harley Davidson designated the very first authorized dealer of their motorbikes in China.

Today, Harley Davidson produces a wide range of bikes that come in all various designs, shapes and colors. Harley Davidson not just makes recreational and sport racing motorcycles, they also make visiting bikes. The Ultra Classic Electra Glide is the king daddy of them all, loaded with additional functions and providing the supreme in convenience. It even has an innovative audio system!

While Harley Davidson is most well understood for their bikes, they likewise produce a full line of accessories to match their bikes. A few of the available accessories consist of sidecars, saddlebags and pouches, chrome covers, windscreens, seats, mirrors, back-rests, hand controls and sissy bars.

They likewise make a full line of clothing including leather items, warm, cold and damp weather gear, helmets, gloves, coats, vests, shirts, trousers, boots, eyeglasses, as well as racing attire. There clothing device line is available in a wide variety of sizes for males and females, along with children.

If you are in the marketplace to buy a Harley Davidson, you’ll have the ability to find one no matter where you are in the world. Harley Davidson has dealers in over 60 countries, and as a company employs more than 9,000 people.